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Leadership in Waldorf Schools

We are offering an interactive online blended learning course on themes related to leadership and school management in Steiner/Waldorf Schools. There will be four live online (zoom) events with interesting and well-known speakers and opportunities for exchange and discussion in groups. Additionally we offer text and video material (e.g. interviews with school leaders) that can be accessed at any time on the Elewa website and the possibility to ‘meet’ with others either locally live or online. The course is hosted by the elewa platform and is a joint project of:

  • BVS-schooladvies (NL)
  • Federatie Steinerscholen (BE)
  • IMO Nederland (NL)
  • Elewa-eLearningWaldorf e.V. (GE).


Holistic leadership means recognizing and enabling the potential in all member of the school community, students, teachers, administrators and parents. This task has to be complemented by a focus on quality of provision and clarity of decision-making processes. Waldorf schools have a tradition of pedagogical autonomy and, though school forms vary in each country, this makes the task different. Furthermore, education is located today in a rapidly changing social, cultural and economic environment. The guest speakers will address some of these questions.


The guest speakers are Miriam Watson-Kastell (GE), Jos De Blok (NL), Janoes Vermeijden (NL), Márti Domokos (HU), Otto Scharmer (US), Adriaan Bekman (NL), Kath Bransby (UK ) and Florian Osswald (CH).


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Target participants Learning Journey: Leadership

  • executives, managers, school directors, school leaders
  • supervising teachers, teachers involved in self-administration

Results Learning Journey: Leadership

  • You have broadened and deepened your own management practices

Costs, dates and enrollment

Dates: 4 sessions – 15:00-18:00h, September 24th 2021, October 15th 2021, November 19th 2021 and January 21st 2022
Location: online via Zoom and e-learning
Price: €80,-* per person – 4 sessions plus course material
*if the price is above your budget, please contact Hans Passenier to find a suiting price.
Material: on elewa website
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Process Learning Journey: Leadership

Session 1

  • Working with delegation and mandates
  • Miriam Watson-Kastell, Jos De Blok


Session 2

  • Participation of parents and students
  • Márti Domokos , Janoes Vermeijden


Session 3

  • Styles of leadership
  • Otto Scharmer, Adriaan Bekmann


Session 4

  • Professionalization of teachers
  • Kath Bransby, Florian Osswald


Guest Speakers

Miriam Watson-Kastell
As a former pupil and daughter of a teacher I know Waldorf Schools from different perspectives. After attaining a diploma in theatre studies, I started my career as a teacher doing courses in nursery and primary schools and attending the part-time Waldorf teacher training in Frankfurt. I have been an English teacher at Waldorfschule Marburg for nine years and a member of the school leadership for five years.


Jos De Blok
Jos de Blok is the founder and CEO of Buurtzorg (neighborhood nursing), a Dutch organization with more than 10.000 employees, offering community based (home) care services to more than 70.000 patients a year. Founded in 2006 with one team of four nurses, Buurtzorg has transformed home-based health care and it has created an innovative method for nursing care at home. As a community based and client centered organization, Buurtzorg connects highly qualified licensed nurses and clients to create positive and proactive solutions that are effective, holistic, and sustainable.


Márti Domokos
Márti Domokos is a mother of four and is passionate about development-oriented, project-based, and cross-curricular education. She’s been working in and for Waldorf education for 21 years, in the Netherlands, Hungary and internationally. She was instrumental in developing the state-accepted Steiner Waldorf curriculum on media and digital education in Hungary. Márti has an MA in English literature and Book and Publishing Studies. She works at a Waldorf school in Hungary as coordinator international relations, for the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE) as project writer and coordinator, and on a voluntary basis as the coordinator of the European Network for Steiner Waldorf Parents (ENSWaP).


Janoes Vermeijden
Janoes Vermeijden (1976) has worked almost all her entire life in (Waldorf) education, mainly in student support and for the last three years as a school leader in Delft. She likes to work closely with parents and students themselves. She believes that this is a precondition for good education: parents and teachers who together guide the development of the students. Truly listening to students forces us to reflect on our actions and remain curious. After all, the students of today create the world of tomorrow.


Otto Scharmer
Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. He chairs the MIT IDEAS program for cross-sector innovation and introduced the concept of “presencing”—learning from the emerging future—in his bestselling books Theory U and Presence (the latter co-authored with P. Senge et al).
In 2015, Otto co-founded the MITx u.lab, a massive open online course (MOOC) for leading profound change, which has since activated a global eco-system of transformational change involving more than 160,000 users from 185 countries.


Adriaan Bekmann
Adriaan Bekman (1947) is the founding father of IMO – instituut voor mens en organisatieontwikkeling. He supported the creation of IMO teams in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Russia, Israel, China and Switzerland. He is working as a horizontal leader in family and impulse companies. Adriaan Bekman has written many books and various articles on issues like Leadership, Organisation Development, Consulting, Self management, Community building in Organisations, Taking Initiatives, Experimenting with innovation in organisation.


Kath Bransby
Kath Bransby is national education co-ordinator for the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship in the UK. A teacher for 15 years, she spent much of her career embedding aspects of Waldorf pedagogy into mainstream schools and early childhood settings. Alongside her work at the Fellowship, Kath lectures in teacher education at Sheffield Hallam University, where she has pioneered a route to an accredited teaching qualification for Waldorf kindergarten teachers.


Florian Osswald
Is born in Basel, Switzerland, studied process engineering. After training as a curative teacher in Camphill, Scotland, he attended the teacher training college in Dornach. For 24 years he taught mathematics and physics at the Rudolf Steiner School in Bern-Ittigen and worked as a collegial consultant in various countries. Since the beginning of 2011 he has headed the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum together with Claus-Peter Röh.


What is leadership in Waldorf Schools?

Leadership in Steiner or Waldorf schools is as important as in any other kind of school. However, Waldorf schools present a range of challenges that are quite specific to this educational approach, not least because this is an aspect of the education that has not travelled well since the first Waldorf School was founded in Stuttgart in 1919 by industrialist Emil Molt and the philosopher, writer, lecturer, artist and anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. When Steiner inaugurated the school with an induction course for the teachers, he outlined his vision for the school’s leadership and management:


We have to reconcile two opposing forces. We need to know our ideals and we need to be flexible enough to adapt to requirements that are at odds with these ideas. Reconciling these two forces will present a challenge to each of you and you will need to commit to it from the start, with your whole being. For this reason, our school will not be governed from above but administered in a republican manner. In a true teachers’ republic no teacher can hide behind the principal’s  instructions but each one will take full responsibility for everything that needs doing. Each of us must take full responsibility. We will replace the need for a principal with this preparatory course where we will engage in a practical study of what it is that makes the school truly comprehensive… (Steiner, 20. 8.1919, translation by Margot Saar)


Every translation is an interpretation and the way these words of Steiner (recorded by a stenographer at the time), along with his writing about threefolding, have been interpreted have provided the basis for multiple understandings (and misunderstandings) of leadership and management in Waldorf schools every since. The reality is that there is no single authoritative interpretation and the very different educational traditions and legal requirements in different countries means that there is no ‘standard model’.

So comparing structures and procedures is not particularly instructive for practicing school leaders and administrators. Therefore, we decided to focus on a series of generative principles of leadership that are common to all Waldorf institutions. In particular we will be hearing from experts and from practitioners in the field of presencing, encountering the future, distributed leadership, holistic and spiritual school leadership. And of course we will be learning from each other!


Consultants of BVS-schooladvies


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